A collection of three purses and wallets in shapes that focus on the essential. Coins, notes, and cards can be well organized and there is still room for bills and business cards … And all this without compromising on our principles of functionality and aesthetics.

The purses and wallets are inspired by timeless but also modern, sleek models from the 1970s and ’80s. No-frills elegance is combined with colourful surprises inside. The design is simple and practical with various compartments and card slots to help you organize your items.

Made of fine quality, soft calfskin, they are smooth and tactile, avoiding zips that often add unnecessary bulk to purses and wallets. With their flat forms, these purses keep their shape and the folded design is both efficient and practical.

Leaf Purse

Leaf Purse

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The three-pocket-purse separate bills from receipts, coins and cards behind each flap.


  • card slots
  • big compartment for bills and notes
  • flat bill compartment behind coin compartment
  • calf skin with pig suede lining



Diese größte, femininere Dimension zeichnet sich durch drei Klappen aus, unter jeder sich ein Fach für Münzen, Scheine und Karten verbirgt.


  • Fächer für Kreditkarten
  • Großes Fach für Rechnungen und Karten
  • Flaches Fach für Geldscheine
  • Futter aus Schweinsvelour
  • Kalbsleder und Schweinsvelours

  • honey brown/blue

  • honey brown/grey

  • black/rose

  • black/blue

  • black/yellow

  • honey brown/black

  • black

  • natural brown

  • black/natural brown

  • black/red

  • honey brown/red
18,5 x 9,5 x 2

0,12 kg
145 €

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