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AW18/19 Collection is playing with the effects of light. It plays with the influence and absence of light and how colors and materials change if light is fading.

Yellow is no longer light and bright but turns into bronze, red becomes a dark bordeaux, green is getting olive and blue looks like the sky at night.

Different materials react differently to light: Loden swallows the light, reflector textiles flash back. AW18/19 Collection is playing with these effects.

Twist Pack REF/L

Twist Pack REF/L

The hand-held object-bag can turn into a cross-body- and a back-pack with one additinal strap. Possible to open from top or side in order to open widely and to find everything easily.


  • one inner zip-pocket
  • adjustable size
  • variable strap length
  • max length of strap 36 cm 
  • calf leather & reflector material

  • blue REF/L

  • taupe REF/L

  • rust REF/L
41 x 27 x 21

0,35 kg

240 €

170 €

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